SR 50,000 fine and 6-month jail for Umrah pilgrims overstaying their visas

Riyadh - The Passports General Directorate (Jawazat) has called on all Umrah performers to follow to their travel schedules and not to delay their departure after the expiration of their entry visa, as violating regulations result in a fine amounting to SR 50,000 and imprisonment for six months along with deportation.

The Directorate pointed out that according to the Umrah regulations, whoever comes for Umrah is not allowed to travel outside Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah, all citizens and residents should not transfer, employ, accommodate or cover up any one with an expired Umrah visa.

According to Saudi Gazette report a General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) report issued on Tuesday said that 19,079,306 pilgrims performed Umrah in 2017.

The statistical report quoting the registered data of the Ministry of Haj and Umrah said that 6,532,074 Umrah pilgrims came from outside Saudi Arabia.

The GaStat Umrah statistics bulletin for 2017 also showed that Ramadan is considered a top season during which Umrah is performed by people from inside Saudi Arabia, as 53.6% of total pilgrims performed Umrah in the holy month of fasting.


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